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Video book reports are a great way to include multiple modes of communication through imagery, video, sound, and tone. This WeVideo Template is included in.

Since January , I have been an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Chicago.

Loyola University Chicago

Our research spans computer security , privacy , and human-computer interaction HCI. We are especially interested in using data-driven methods to help users make better security and privacy decisions, as well as to make complex computer systems more usable for non-technical users. My dissertation focused on supporting users' password-security decisions with data.

Borrow bound dissertations just as you would a book. If a dissertation is in Mansueto, place your request from the library catalog record. Some are online through our digital preservation program.

Chicago (Notes-Bibliography) Style: How to Cite Theses and Dissertations

Since June , our dissertations are online only. PQDT Global contains full text for most dissertations completed after and for many earlier dissertations. Recent dissertations appear within 12 weeks after convocation.

University of Chicago authors may delay access to the full text for 6 months, one year, or two years, but not indefinitely. PQDT Global is a subscription database that may be available through your local library if you do not have access through ours.

Open Access Dissertations Knowledge UChicago Many of our recent dissertations are available in our digital repository. The traveling seminar to China, including similar robust art historical exchanges between students and scholars, will expand perspectives at an even earlier, formative stage. The groups emerging from such concentrated dialogues will shape the future of Chinese art history and art history in general, fostering nuance, originality, and collaboration.

They will provide research assistance and handle organizational matters for the workshops and the traveling seminar, while also advancing their own dissertation work. Together with Dr.

This program promises to reach a rising generation of scholars of Chinese art from around the world, bringing them together to advance their own individual studies and benefit the field as a whole. At the same time, the program will draw on the expertise of invited scholars from other institutions and countries and establish lasting close ties with art history programs in Chinese universities. Each workshop will have a different set of 10 students. Workshops, led by scholars, curators, and faculty, will include presentations of dissertation projects; discussions of their content, purpose, and method; as well as discussion of the state of the field, key texts, research methods, and skills.

During the workshops, participants will be able to pursue individual dissertation research in local libraries, archives, and collections.

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