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The result was a general radicalization unprecedented since the s. This came as a tremendous shock for US ruling class, which thought it had buried the left forever in the s.

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Ruling-class politicians looked for a way to respond to the mass upsurge. Various strategies were tried, from political assassination and repression, to attempts to co-opt the movement. One important element of their response was to use the issue of crime, both to justify repressive policies and to propagate more subtle ideological messages.

According to the criminologist William Chambliss :.

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The politicization of crime by conservative politicians occurred at a time when the country was deeply divided over the Vietnam War and civil rights. In this historical context crime became a smoke screen behind which other issues could be relegated less important. Crime served as well as a legitimation for legislation designed primarily to suppress political dissent.

Crime was also a coded way of talking about race. The aim was to build a Republican majority by making racist appeals to Southern voters who had traditionally voted for Democrats. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to. This right-wing ideological offensive coincided with the political exhaustion of the movements of the s. By the mid s, mainstream politicians who were prepared to say that crime is rooted in social problems or to stand up for the rights of defendants in criminal trials were becoming few and far between.

The return of the death penalty in was an early result of this political offensive. The death penalty has always been a tool of class and racial oppression, the two roles being intimately connected. Sometimes, the death penalty has been used as a method of direct political repression — from the Haymarket Martyrs in the s, to Joe Hill in , to Sacco and Vanzetti in the s, to the Rosenbergs in the s, to Mumia Abu Jamal today. But the main reason why the death penalty is a political issue is because it is part of a broader political offensive.

Capital punishment in the US has very little to do with justice, or preventing murder, or protecting the public. It is a political tool of the ruling class that has proved highly functional as a means of reinforcing racial divisions, diverting attention from serious social and economic problems, and pinning the blame for crime on abnormal individuals rather than on the underlying social conditions.

Stan Williams, who grew up facing racism and poverty, knows this well. Time is rapidly running out for Stan, and the only thing that can now save his life is a mass campaign to pressure the courts and the Governor to halt his execution. Already, over 30, people have signed petitions calling for clemency. Whether these and other activities will generate enough political momentum to prevent his legal lynching remains to be seen.

But anyone who wants to help should visit SaveTookie. There is no time to waste. Share: Print Facebook Twitter Email. Arlington Midwest. In response to oppression, street gangs form to take advantage of resources by illegal methods Meacham, Stokes 1.

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Street gangs have emerged as a threat towards community safety and presents a challenging issue towards law enforcement. Adult members fall into different categories based on their dedication towards their own gang. Gang members struggle with the transition from adolescence to adulthood, resulting in a lack of resources necessary to achieve success as adults: including their education, line of employment, and safety Since he was a child he would see his parents do illegal activities in front of him.

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As he started getting older and years started passing he started to interpret those negative behaviors to be normal in society. One of the main reasons he felt like that was because his father was a very well-known respected men in the Bronx. Not only that his father Tito was the leader of the Rollin 60 Crip Gang for a lot of years The Crips Essay. The Crips Essay Length: words 3.

Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help? Monster: The Autobiography of an L. Later on, in prison - Williams spent 26 years on death row, six of them in solitary - he became famous for altogether different reasons: he won acclaim for renouncing violence and, in particular, gang-related violence.

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His was no overnight conversion. In a recent essay, he explained how his change of attitude came about. However, while in solitary confinement, during to , I embarked upon a transitional path toward redemption. I underwent disciplined years of education, soul searching, edification, spiritual cultivation and battling my internal demons. Williams wrote seven books in which he consistently preached a message of anti-violence.

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So powerfully did he com- municate this that he was nominated four times for the Nobel Peace prize. It is hard not to accept, on the basis of the evidence, that Williams died a reformed character. Yet even if he had not made the effort to change his life and "reform", I would still struggle to figure out what killing him after he had spent so long in prison - longer, incidentally, than most life-sentenced prisoners in Britain serve - was meant to achieve.