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Maori (ca.1250 CE)

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Tattoos Should Be Allowed in the Workplace

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  • Most of these only exist because of society. As people grow and change so does the values and traditions that they are accustomed to. True art hangs on the walls of museums all over the world. Paintings by Monet, Da Vinci, and Picasso represent all that can be made beautiful by a The Pleasure of Pain These days anything can be considered art.

    Paintings by Monet, Da Vinci, and Picasso represent all that can be When looking at Maori art, there is one thing that sticks out amongst everything else with me, and with most likely everyone that sees it for the first time, this is their tattooing skills. They are equipped with many other art skills such as their carvings, weaponry, and townhouses, but the tattoos represent the tribe as a whole and are visible on the people themselves.

    Men of the tribe are more elaborately tattooed than the women.

    Their entire faces may be covered as I always had interest in fascinating culture of indigenous people of New Zealand, Maori. The folk art of Maori is exciting and I am particularly impressed by the tradition of carving the meaningful tattoos on the various body parts.

    The origin of Ta Moko believed to derive from the legend of Mataora.

    Opinion on Tattoos

    Mataora was a young warrior of Maori who fell in love with princess of the underworld. Princess came above to marry Mataora but he Scarification means making deliberate cuts to the skin, and is anancient art still practiced in many cultures today. The decorative scarsare used to confer beauty, status, protection, and identity to the bearers.

    Tattooing is one way of scarification. Tattooing is probably the mostpopular form of body adornment today.

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    Although the art of tattooing hasbeen around for quite a while, the word 'tattoo' is relatively new. Theword tattoo originated from the Tahitian word "tatu" which means to "marksomething" Oxford dictionary. Captain James Cook introduced the word'tattoo' shortly after the word 'taboo' to the English speakers. Theearliest use of the word was found The Art of the Tattoo Essay. Choose Type of service Writing Rewriting Editing. Standard Standard quality. Bachelor's or higher degree.

    Master's or higher degree. Over 30 successfully finished orders. Page count 1 page words. My mother got used to it and now she does not care as long as I don't play with it in front of her. Although I have no desire to get one, she would never allow me to get Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper. Example Essays. Body Piercing Tattooing. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 4. Next Page. More Essays:.