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Video book reports are a great way to include multiple modes of communication through imagery, video, sound, and tone. This WeVideo Template is included in.

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Consequently it also becomes very important to understand and gain a 'media literacy' that can teach us to cope with the current cultural environment. We should also be aware of how different media production techniques help shape the representation of a minority group and their portrayal in our normal everyday way of thinking. Another contention that media can act as a social control is that the various images, especially violence, can have adverse effects on those who watch such images regularly. The phenomenon of violence is also very complex and there are many factors that can or cannot induce violent behavior in a human being.

Many people have suggested that the individuals' personalities, their family backgrounds, their cultural, educational, and religious implications, all contribute to acts of violence. It is believed that children learn from things that happen around them and also by observing people who are important to them, e.

Media Effects and Bias

This is because children start to develop a sense of themselves and others and a sense of right and wrong very early Piaget, ; Sullivan, ; Winnicott, Thus, we know that various media and its artifacts can have a lot of effects on us, our lives, and our society. We must understand that a lot of what we see on television, hear on the radio, or see in the print e. What is this but social control? In the current era of globalization, we must all be aware of the different factor that go into the production of media artifacts and their implications on the different cultures and sections of the society.

The media culture of today does tend to support many capitalists value and tends to undermine the minority interests and shows a strong effort that exists between different races, classes, gender, and social groups. So, to fully understand and comprehend the nature and effects of the production techniques of the media artifacts and its effects on the certain group of people, one must look deeper into the lines and understand the media culture as to its working, and how it works to change our attitudes, preferences, and views, leading to a social control at the hand of the media.

How does social media use affect our body image?

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Influence of Media on Teenagers

Psychological Reports, 53, Winnicott, D. The maturational process and the facilitating environment.

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New York: International University Press. Sample Argumentative Essay on Media as a Means of Social Control Different media have projected various issues about our lives in various ways. Work Cited 1. Cannon, C. Miami Herald, p. Television and the Crisis of Democracy. Boulder, Col: Westview. Grand Theft Being so visually stimulating, it can also be derived that television and movies have a different kind of effect on the people.

What the people watch on television would then work to shape determine the attitude that the public holds for or against various issues. Television and movies can work to provide us with the information that determines our attitudes towards that issue. For example, if programs on the television keep showing young children wearing makeup and fashionable clothes, and the children keep seeing the same images, views, and ideas, as they are enforced on related media such as magazines and the internet, it is very likely that they will start accepting and believing these ideas too.

Similarly, television and movies can work to create many stereotypes e. Thus, images on the television and in movies causes people to form certain ideas, notions, attitudes, and stereotypes towards the people and events around them by presenting what its controllers want us to see and what might not necessarily be the truth.

One of the things that the television and movies cause us to do is to formulate stereotypes for people around us who are from various different social and cultural backgrounds. Television and films provide materials out of which we form our very identities. It is by observing the media that we learn how to behave, and how to think, what to feel, believe and fear of people from other cultures.

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  • For example, most of the action movies depict a woman who is in trouble and a man comes to save her. This is a typical stereotyping of the gender, where the woman is depicted as the weaker sex who always needs help from a man to save her life. We learn how to react to members of different social groups by learning from the media and its artifacts. For example, many television shows and movies have popularized on many occasions that African Americans are always good at sports.

    This is why whenever we see people playing, say, basketball, we automatically assume that the black athlete would be better than the white one. Similarly, many television shows, for example Speedy Gonzales, has portrayed the Mexicans to be a lazy. This has affected our perception of the Mexicans and we tend to think that all Mexicans are in fact lazy. Thus, it becomes very important how a certain group of people is portrayed in television and in the movies.

    Finally, music has shape emotions and a source of inspiration in creating new career ideas for the younger people. Nowadays, advertisements have great power to impact minds and create new habits amongst the younger generations. Large parts of their lives are connected with advertisements through various forms of media such as the radio, films and magazines. More recently, with the development of more far reaching platforms of mass media, the thousands of messages about perfect the body images presented on posters and on television shows have re-shaped opinions on what is the ideal body shape for women.

    The powerful messages have made women obsessed with the new female body standards. Trying to fit into what is represented as attractive by the mass media, have caused stressed and have had a negative effect on some women, in particular the younger women who feel the need to comfort more. An example about the negative influences of advertisements on the young generations is building up their impossible expectations about attractive appearances by using luxury images of supermodels and celebrities, who they hope to look like Wikipedia Therefore, teenagers tend to try keep their body thin through putting themselves on a diet, doing exercise or even getting cosmetic surgery while they are never satisfied with their bodies.

    In addition, it is suggested that using the dynamic beauty of young people for fast food advertising is also one of the causes of changing eating habits and rising obesity rates on the youth Ashton In some cases, they are attracted by the advertisements when people with good shape, are eating fast foods and might think that it is healthy foods or even eating them will help to keep their bodies as good as in the advertisement.

    The rates of obesity in children and youth have almost tripled in the last quarter century. In recent times, social networking sites have become more popular than ever, they also directly impact on behaviour of people, particularly on adolescents in what way as they decide how to connect each other and how to respect their relationships.

    The Impact Of Media – Good, Bad Or Somewhere In Between

    Social networking sites have become a major revolution in society. In the past, face — to — face was the best way which people chose to communicate to each other. Young people are highly addicted to Facebook as they spend a lot of time on the internet to update status, post on walls, and even whatever they make. This leads to them ignoring spending time with families or hanging out with friends in order for them to sit in front of computer screen to validate their importance in society. In addition, the development of social networking is one of the reasons why the young people are becoming the narcissist. Young girls are more likely to be dissatisfied with their shape and weight, even if they are very healthy and balanced from this Sameer For example, with the support of Photoshop technologies, the photos on Facebook are probably more attractive than the real life. This creates pressures on teen girls try to keep their appearances as perfect as the pictures on the internet.

    The revolution of social networking sites impacts strongly on the younger generations through changing their views about communications in a virtual world. One product of the mass media that is a big influence on the youth is music, which deeply affects the lifestyles of teenagers, the controlling of emotions and building up personality on people.

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